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How to choose a domain name for your web site

Itís becoming more difficult these days to get the domain name you want.  Comments like:  "Its practically impossible to choose a worthy, concise and eye-catching domain name cause theyre all taken away", are becoming more frequent.

However, put your thinking cap on and fire up your creative imagination because thereís a domain name out there for you and this can do the trick.

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name
1. Keep it short and simple
Usually companies own their success to short & simple brand names. It differentiates your company from similar Internet businesses and makes you stand out. A concise brand name is easier to remember and reduces a possibility of
a spelling mistake.

2. A domain name should be eye-catching, attractive and memorable
Try saying your name aloud. If you feel that your name is rhythmical, simple to pronounce and doesnt contain negative sound combinations, then youve got it made.

3. A domain name should reflect your business activity
Try to find a functional name, the name that will be totally unique, point precisely toward your business activity and evoke a warm feeling.

4. When choosing, keep in mind who your target audience is
Your domain name should drive traffic and feature some popular keywords relevant to your target audience.

5. Register the domain name in the correct domain
For wide appeal use a .biz, .info, .com, .org, or .net domain. For local appeal apply for an appropriate domain like a .com.au. For personal sites use the new .name or id.au domain.

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