Dashing is always here to provide all your online solutions in one place.


Complete managed SEO services and Web solutions
Dashing’s core focus is providing quality internet marketing solutions for our clients. We currently provide complete internet web solutions to a number of our clients based on packages which include SEO, full design, and hosting of database driven dynamic content (web based and static HTML based sites).

Database administration
Specialising in MySQL, PostGres on Linux & Windows platforms we are able to provide scalable database design, implementation and tuning advice.

Out-source non-specialty solutions
Working in conjunction with any one of our partner companies, we are able to satisfy almost any solution. Ranging from software development, to online multimedia & streaming, interactive web sites, e-marketing campaigns, application software scrutiny and video production.

Dashing Website Solutions
Dashing works closely with businesses to create new or integrating fundamental and systematic change to the way they do business in the digital market. This rewards businesses with high return on investment and always exceeds their expectations.

Dashing focus on SEO first then incorporates its experience in domains, website hosting, design and technical skills. We use a strong technical platform optimised for SMEs looking to build websites that get you business. We are a niche provider who makes sense for SMEs looking for an ongoing business development relationship. Our platform is SEO focused and there is absolutely no lock-in.

This offer is appealing when businesses are looking for a strong platform and an ongoing business development relationship with Dashing Website Solutions.
Our commitment is to ensure that you become increasingly knowledgeable about the online space and the importance of your overall SEO strategy.

We become your partner, and provide you with the expertise to support and continually strengthen & build your Internet Marketing, increasing your sales and opportunity stream.


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